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In a few days, the 28th to be exact, it will be National Puzzle Day. If you haven’t thought about it, you can make your own LEGO puzzle! There are a few ways you can go about this. Since it can be hard to visualize how to solve a puzzle, we looked for LEGO puzzle boxes with videos.

So below, we’re going to show you some LEGO puzzles made by community members.


How to Build a LEGO Puzzle Box

For this puzzle box, you can check out professional LEGO artist Adam Ward of BRICK X BRICK, build a LEGO Puzzle box. His video is longer than the other two above, but he takes the time to list out all the pieces he uses to make this particular LEGO puzzle box, which he calls “Sheldon”. You’ll get a step-by-step walk through of the build in addition to the explanation on how it works.

If you only visit one video on this page, I recommend this one. To see how the puzzle works and/or leave comments, visit his YouTube page.


LEGO Puzzle Box

The is the LEGO Puzzle Box by RubiksWiiU. This puzzle is made into the shape of a 2×2 brick. In order to solve the puzzle, you need to find the “key”, in this case, a Technic axle. You then use the axle to locate a Technic pin, which in turn, pulls out a small drawer containing a piece of candy. In the video, theirs had a Skittle.

You can watch the video above to see you how their puzzle works and visit their YouTube page to leave any comments.


How to make Lego Puzzle Box No. 5; Diamonds!

This next LEGO puzzle box build is also an instructable. Created by Jedi_man, he walks you through how to build the “Diamonds” version of his puzzle box. It’s simple, but interesting in execution. With the right bricks, it could make a lovely centerpiece or a great gift box, too.

Watch his video above to see how the puzzle works and visit their Instructables page to leave any comments.


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