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Pick-A-Brick @ HOME!

Pick-A-Brick @ HOME!


$15.00 per pound and you get to pick through them wherever you want!


  • Tired of chasing down bulk lots of LEGO on Craigslist, only to find it’s overpriced and not what you want?
  • Does the idea of paying shipping costs on eBay wear you out?
  • Have you found that getting the exact pieces you need off of Bricklink is going to cost you an arm and a leg?
  • Don’t have the time to spend sitting at a store picking through the same old, picked over pieces?

Then we’ve got the deal for you. Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact us to setup an appointment.
    • We’re available most days, nights, and weekends.
  2. Come on over to our place in Kennesaw, GA.
    • We do all exchanges in our garage, located in a nice area.
  3. Leave a deposit and get a bin of bulk, unsorted bricks to take home with you to pick through!
    • The amount that you take is completely up to you!
      • The minimum is 10 pounds and there is no maximum.
      • The deposit is $15.00 per pound… So for example if you take 10 pounds with you, you leave $150.00 with us (don’t worry, there’s receipts and paperwork that everybody signs to keep track of it all).
    • The bricks that you receive from us will be “raw”, meaning that they have not been previously picked through but also that we have not gone through them to take out other items and/or they may be in need of cleaning.
    • FYI, a pound of LEGO is around 300-400 pieces, depending on the exact pieces that are included.
  4. Take the bin home and start picking! You can hang onto it as long as you want and keep whatever you like!
  5. When you’re ready to exchange for a fresh bin, just setup another appointment.
    • Come back over and we’ll weigh you in:
      • [However many pounds you took] minus [whatever you return] times [$15.00 a pound] is how much you owe (due at that time).
    • For every return you need to keep a minimum of 10% of whatever you originally took (by weight).
      • If you don’t, the charge is still that minimum to make it worth our while (and yes, you can grab bricks while you’re here if you didn’t keep enough!).
  6. When you’re all done and don’t need any more LEGO, just let us know and get your deposit back.

And that’s it! Cash out at any time or just keep cycling through new bins as long as you want! We’ve got plenty of fresh stock always rolling in, so there’s never a shortage!

All you’ve got to do is shoot us an email (eric@thebrickbank.com) or text (919-816-2291) to get started today! Thanks for looking!