Don’t you hate it when you find yourself staring at a group of bricks and you just don’t know what to build with it? We do too. So we’ve decided to write a series on monochrome builds. This week, we’re starting by looking at LEGO builds using black LEGO bricks.

JL-151 “Black Baron” by john lamarck on flickr

Planes are one of those popular builds for LEGO master builders. With so many memories of childhood, how can you not imagine yourself building an old style flier like this?

JL-151 Black Baron by john lamarck on flickr using black LEGO bricks


Cat by Nathan Sawaya

Who wouldn’t love this awesome animal sculpture? If you’ve never seen the art of Nathan Sawaya, we highly recommend you look up his book The Art Of The Brick. In the meantime, you can try your hand at making your own black cat. Would make an excellent Halloween decoration!

Black LEGO Cat by Nathan Sawaya - The Art of The Brick using black LEGO bricks



Check out this cool guitar made out of black plastic LEGO building bricks. The creation includes all of the functioning parts, such as pick-ups and bridge. The only thing missing is a set of strings, and you’ll be ready to start jamming.

black LEGO guitar using black LEGO bricks

If you’re looking to make any of the above amazing MOCs,  you can purchase the parts in our LEGO eBay store:

Black LEGO Bricks
Light Bluish (New) Gray LEGO Bricks
Yellowish Green (Lime) LEGO Bricks

Do you have any MOCs using black LEGO bricks you’d like to share? Do so below in the comments!